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Magnesium Fluosilicate

Formula: MgSiF6.6H2O
Molecular: 274.48
Execute standard: National standard/GB
Properties: it is colorless or white rhombus or acerose, odorless crystal.D1.788.it is not easily deliquescence, but effloresce to lose crystal water. it is easily soluble in water, soluble in dilute acid, hardly soluble in hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in alcohol, its aqueous solution appears acidity. it reacts with alkali to form corresponding fluoride an silicon dioxide.
Uses: Additive for hardening and waterproofing of concrete mortar, plaster cement, stucco and brick surfaces. Polishing agent for terraces. Wood preserving.Ceramincs
Packing: in a black plastic Bag inner layer and a woven bag as external layer, 25/50/1000kgs per bag, or according to the buyer’s requirement. Suitable for long distance transportation.