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Hcfc Blend a Extinguishant

Physical properties
Molecular weight 92.9
B.p. at 1.013 bar abs, °C -38.3
Congealing point, °C < 107.2
Critical temperature, °C 125
Critical pressure, bar abs 66.50
Critical volume, ml/mol 170
Critical density, kg/m3 580
Vapor pressure (20°C), bar abs 8.25
Liquid density (20°C), kg/m3 1200
Saturated vapor density (20°C), kg/m3 31
ODP 0.05
Least designing concentrations for fire protection, % (v/v) 8.6
Maximum filling coefficient (as cylinder), kg/L 1.02
Quality Index of Product
Purity, %(m/m) ≥ 99.0
Acidity, mg/kg ≤ 3
Water, mg/kg ≤ 20
Non-volatile residue, %(m/m)≤ 0.01
Suspending substance or deposition invisible
Usage:As a substitute of Halon, HFCF/A extinguishant has been edited into ISO 14520-6. HCFC/A extinguishant can directly be filled in the 1301 total-flood system, and be used to extinguish various fire.
Packing: Filled in cylinders, each 500, 1000kg net or as demanded by users. Its category of dangerous goods is 2.2, and its packing category is II.
Security:The filled cylinder is under pressure, and ought to be avoided bumping, falling, exposure and heat source during transport and storage.