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Calcium Fluoride

Formula: CaF2
Molecular: 78.08
Execute standard: GB/T 5195.1-2006
Metallurgic-grade Lump Fluorspar
Note: Lump fluorspar size depending on consult with customers
Usage:mainly used a flux in the manufacture of steel in basic open hearth, basic converter and electric hearth in metallurgic industry. It can enhance the fluidity of slag and promote the entry of sulfa and phosphor into slag, thus improve the quality of steel. It can also be used in metallurgy of non-ferrous metal, welding material, optical elements, decoration of lampsand lanterns and fluorspar carving craftwork.
Packing:bigger size in bulk; smaller size using polywoven bag with net weight of 50kg or 1000kg

Acid Grade Fluorspar Powder
Note:(1)Fluorspar fine size smaller than 0.154mm≥87%. Quality and size of fluorspar fine can meet customers’ special requirement.
(2) Content of moisture in dry fluorspar fine no bigger than 0.5% while wet fluorspar fine no bigger than 10%.
[Usage]:mainly used to produce hydrofluoric acid (HF). Hydrofluoric acid is the main material for the production of inorganic fluoride, organic fluoride, fluorine polymer, flouring monomer, petroleum refining etc.
Packing:while wet in bulk; dry condition using net weights 50kg or 1000kg plastic bags.

Ceramic-Grade Fluorspar Fine
Note: special fluorspar fine sizes are available upon customer’s request. Content of moisture in dry fluorspar fine no bigger than 0.5%.
Usage: mainly used in architectural materials industry, such as roasting of cement, mosaic, pottery and porcelain and making of glass, fiberglass etc.
Packing: Polywoven bag with net weight of 50kg or 1000kg.